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August 9, 2006

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  2. Sherry M White (Michael's sister) said

    Michael & TruePraise,

    I pray that God will continue to bless each of you in your ministry as you travel around the World (city to city and Nation to Nation) singing praises unto the most High God!!!

    I love you all

    Michael on a more personal note: Your brother and I and your nieces (Sherice, Denise, Patrice, Clarice) and Nephew (Demetrius) – we are all proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Janelle Bruce said

    To God Be All The Glory!

    Michael I have always thought you were one of the most anointed musicians I had ever seen and one who truly cared about the well being of others. I know God has GREAT plans for True Praise and I will be praying for you all and waiting for the CD!

  4. Cherye said

    Michael and True Praise … It’s about time and long overdue!!!! I am so happy for you and True Praise. This is your season and the world is about to experience the presence of God like never before — something that we at Reid Temple have been very privileged to experience regularly. May the anointing of the Holy Spirit continue to flow through you as a river of love, from the throne of grace, to the hearts of believers and non-believers, bringing life and restoration to all that receive His touch.

  5. jLaShawn said

    Hey guys,

    I’m just checkin in wit ya~

    Keep it lovely,

  6. Jon Moody iii said

    Mike & True Praise

    I have seen the Spirit of The Lord working in your lives for many years. I have been truely blessed to be in his presence whenever you minister. You don’t know how your music has blessed my life. I can only continue to praise The Lord for I know that He has Mighty Plans for your Future. All of you hold a special place in my heart!!! My prayer is that The World experience His presence throught your ministry as I have.
    Thank You JESUS!!!!!


  7. Reynaldo F. Powell said

    Mike & TP,

    Congratulations!!! This project is hot!!! I’ve already been electrified by the 34 second sound bite…it’s ministry to the nations. Man, it’s an honor to have a friend as sincere and loyal to God and family as you. I’m extremely proud of you. The best is yet to come!


  8. Mike, Cherlyn and TP,
    This project is such a true expression of God’s power and love at work in the lives of others. I thank you for all that you have sown into my life over the years- many days it was your example, love and prayers that kept me focused on God’s plan for my life. Thank you and keep allowing God to minister through you all.

  9. Tynette Jerry said

    I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! Mike you have done it! I like “It’s worth it all!” and “Be Alright” that’s my hit right there! But, I am honored to have sown a seed into your ministry! Not to mention you have the greatest lead guitar player playing for you! The entire project is beautiful! When will the DVD be released or will be there be a DVD? If so, I need a copy! Continue to be blessed!

  10. Paige Johnson said

    Hi Mr.Michael, your new cd is awsome. You are a good singer and your talent and music are great. Keep up the good work. You should make a cd from the youth choir. I hope there is more to come!!!

  11. Rev Khalima Jacobs said

    Michael, I am so proud of you for allowing the Lord to use you! The cd is uplifting and your gifts and talents are awesome. I pray that God will take you and Cherlyn to higher heights and new levels. Your territory is about to enlarged – get ready for the blessings!

  12. Tricia Lyles said

    Hey Michael and True Praise, I am so proud of you all. It is so refreshing to see you all minister the true gospel of Christ in song. I knew this day was coming and praise God it is here. God has truly placed a heavy annointing on your lives and I can’t wait to see people set free from bondage through your ministry. Get your passports ready because you all are going international!!!! Stay humble and continue to worship God he will take care of the rest. Agape

  13. Seantae' Chambers said

    I recently joined the Reid Temple Family (as of last Sunday, October 1), but have been attending services since May and the Power Lunch sometime shortly after. I purchased the Conqueror CD on this Wednesday at Power Lunch and have been listening to it ever since… God has truly blessed you Michael White – True Praise and Friends! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. It’s truly a delight!

  14. Hilda Hudson said

    Michael and True Praise,

    “Conqueror” in absolutley AWESOME! The Lord has used you all to usher us into the prescence and power of God through your ministry of music. This CD is rare among today’s gospel music, in that it is bibliocentric and it exaults Jesus for who He is versus what He does for us.

    Thank you for your faithfullness and obedience to this calling! Michael keep writing the songs of Zion.

    May the anointing of God continue to rest upon you, Peace and Love

  15. Jasmine "Jazz" Jones said

    Mr. Michael,

    Your Project has truly blessed me in so many ways beyond measure. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry. Thank you for personally being a blessig in my life and for being my mentor and treating me like one of your own. LOVE YA!!!

  16. Greetings MW & True Praise,

    I have only one word to describe MW & True Praise… ANNOINTED!!! I was so blessed by your ministry, I truly enjoyed EVERY song. God has his hand all in your ministry and I pray that you continue to be Blessed with GREAT Success! We look forward to being in concert with you all again very soon!

    Peace & Blessings,

    Byron Motley

  17. Thank-you for allowing the Lord to work and speak thru you.

  18. Susan Summers said

    When this young man was a child, everyone could see the annointing on his life. I was blessed then, and I am blessed now because of the wonderful work that is being done in the name of the Lord. Can’t wait to hear the entire CD. Praise God for MW&True Praise.
    To God Be The Glory!

  19. dee said

    thank you for taking the world back to true worship. don’t change to satisfy the world. be a light in the dark places in the world and the souls of people. enjoy the grace of God and be still and know that He is an awarder of those who seek Him…DiliGENTLY.

  20. Denise Eanes said

    Matthew 5:16 – Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father in Heaven. I especially thank God for your light shining on our youth. I feel joy, unspeakable joy when I hear my 4 year old singing a song of praise as she’s picking up her toys or just walking with me down the street.

  21. Hey Michael just wanted to let you know how much your have helped me to increase my personal and also external worship experience

  22. Popular said

    I love all your Music. Its just rocked.

  23. Aunt Vernice said

    Truly blessed by God…my nephew…you are so deserving of God’s blessings…and the Spirit dwells in you and your life and your family. This is what the Lord has promised to us who love and serve Him…eternal life with Him and what makes it so good, is the Lord gets the glory out of all the good that we do for Him..so that He may be lifted up and praised…truly worthy of all the praises is our King of Glory…J E S U S is L O R D! Just keeping praising the Lord Michael! Keep the Spirit in your heart, mind, soul, and body…Praise Him…Praise Him…Praise Him…

    Love you Aunt Vernice

  24. Michael White and True Praise will be in Wincester, VA October 20, 2012. Come and support this awesome ministry. Ticket info @ 540/662-3944 or 540/665-2955

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